Alberta Conference Education Department  Registration

Thank you for reaching our registration page! Here you will find some instructions on how to enroll for all of our Alberta Schools!

2023/2024 Registration 

Opens February 1, 2023

Returning Students (snapcode required, those that used online system last year)

New student (New students or never used online system before)

Parent Dashboard (to continue registration/access parent portal)

Instructions for Online Registration

This year all the schools are participating in a complete online registration. This is a process that requires the parents to create an account that can be used for multiple students.

The link for the registration process is the big "Register" button located on top of this page. This should take you to the following page:

If this is the first time you are at this site,  you will need to create an account.  The process requires an email address, a phone, and some easy security questions

After you successfully create a Parent Account, you can start a new form for the School year 2020/21

On the first page just create a new Student, all fields are required

Just follow the normal flow of the pages. You do not need to completed everything in one  sitting, you can select the icon on the top right (that will have your initials) and select "Save and Sign out"

On the Agreements sections, a link is provided (Blue Font) with the information pertinent to the agreement. All the questions are required on that page


Your student application is not submitted until you have a dashboard similar to the one on this page (that has the word Submitted and a date)

Important Note!

Even if the process has been tested and validated, some issues might have been overseen or problems may arise. If you find any issues send an  email to with a description of the problem, and if possible a screenshot, we will get back to you as soon as possible!